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Oh yeah I forgot about that. That’s awesome you’ll possibly getting it :)). How’s avanti tho?

yeah the grandpas all like itll be urs someday soon, its awesome there its so much better than normal high school and i totally love it there :D 

little-monster-demon replied to your post: Got really awesome cool news yesterday…

Which is? Cx

im getting my dads old car that shoulda been rightfully mine soon but im not sure when im geting it, probably next winter (or sooner i hope) haha

Got really awesome cool news yesterday woo hoo


Veil of Maya / It’s Not Safe To Swim Today

Phil Bozeman | Whitechapel Showbox Sodo | Seattle, WA.

Chelsea Grin // The All Stars Tour by namchivan on Flickr.

Animals As Leaders by ZukShoots on Flickr.

The Wonder Years by Pauline Nguyễn on Flickr.

Sworn In | Rum Runners on Flickr.

Counterparts on Flickr.Empire | Springfield, VA12-13-13
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My step dad just explained to me in detail how to clean a bong & how he used to clean his